Bay Ridge Trail 100k, 50 mile, Marathon

Built on the legacy of Dick Collins' Firetrails 50, BRT is a new edition of a classic ultramarathon race.

Lake Chabot Marina, Castro Valley, CA

October 7, 2017


Bay Area Ridge Trail stands on the shoulders of giants. BRT inherits the grand legacy of the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, following the classic 50 mile course and adds to it a new out-and-back marathon. Most importantly, it aims to add a 100k distance that will become the great new addition for ultrarunners looking to tip the scale towards the great 100 mile races in 2018.

For those not familiar with Dick Collins Firetrails 50, the course is an out-and-back course; mostly along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail; fireroads and single-track with gorgeous views of San Francisco and Mt. Diablo. An altitude profile of 7,800ft makes this race challenging but very runnable. Three miles of pavement. Be prepared for any condition. Can be hot, perfect, or cold and raining. As was said of the race in years past, “previous years race week has included the following: fire, earthquake, flood, and stock market crash.”

Return to this page often as we add maps and narrative of all three races.

Included in your registration fee is a donation of $5.00 to the Regional Parks Foundation

  • 50 Mile - In Memory of Dick Collins

    The BTR 50 mile course follows the same one that served as the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 for many, many years. You will start at the Cove Picnic Area at Lake Chabot and proceed out along the East Shore Trail and out along the ridges of the East Bay hills to the turn around at Lone Oak in Tilden Park.

Bay Ridge Trail 100k, 50 mile, Marathon