The North Face Endurance Challenge Training Camp

Join us for 2 days of running on the North Face Endurance Challenge SF course!

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

October 26, 2019


Join Scena’s Course Management Team for a weekend of training!

Join Scena on the course of the North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco. As the Local Ambassador for the race since 2008, we have special experience and intricate knowledge of the race course. This is your opportunity to gain some in-depth course knowledge and learn about any changes for the 2019 race.

Two Days of Running and Other Options

Day One (Saturday) starts at Muir Beach at 8am and ends there whenever you end. We provide you with maps and some aid along the way. We also will talk about the course with you as we go. Day 1 offers two options

Option 1: 21 miles. This runs the 50-mile course from Muir Beach, to Cardiac and includes the Stinson Beach loop. (read: FUN)
Option 2: 14 miles. This leaves out the Stinson Beach loop and follows the 50k course. (read: ALSO FUN)

Day Two (Sunday) starts at The Golden Gate Bridge Parking Lot. We’ll run backwards up to Alta Aid Station, then over to Tennessee Valley and back. This day is designed to show you the first and last parts of the races and to show you how the course proceeds from the trails onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

Discounted Entries

As Local Ambassador, Scena has a limited number of discounted entries to the 50 mile and 50k races. These are available to you at no extra charge BUT we only have a limited number. You’ll be asked if you want one at check out.

Training Plans and Support

We offer 16-week training plans for both the 50 mile and 50k races. These are free to you and are supported online in our Run Your First Ultra Facebook group.

The North Face Endurance Challenge Training Camp