The Scena Awards!

So much to CELEBRATE! The Frenchie 2018, the Stan Jensen Award, Best Aid Station. And then there's you, our runners. Beer, food, and friends! BAM!

Sports Basement

December 12, 2019


It’s time to thank YOU for a great 2018 full of running, volunteering, and post-race celebrating. And it’s time for the 2018 Scena Awards. In 2017, the awards went to Penny Macphail and Stan Jensen.


We’re please to announce that this year, 2 people will share the Christine Chapon Award: Kelly Haston and William Dai. In 2018 our recipient of the Stan Jensen Award is Bob Agazzi. Between these three they have demonstrated the best in running and service to our community. Let’s life a glass!

And allow us also to celebrate together another year of running in our little community that’s so special.This December, join us at Sports Basement. We’ll have food. We’ll have beer. There’s a fun run at 6:30 and good cheer whether you run or not. And we’ll recognize one of us for great deeds, both running and otherwise.



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The Scena Awards!