Scena Performance is an outdoor company that  Adam Ray  started in 2014 with Brian Wyatt and with the support of their friends and family. The idea of Scena is to create meaningful experiences that encourage you to go someplace new, to try something different, and to challenge yourself while touching on a new community.

The people at Scena have done a lot of different things in sport and outdoors. Together we’ve been North Face Ambassadors and race directors for over a decade. In that time, we’ve run Western States and many other ultras, done triathlons, backpacked the Sierra, coached others. Watched our children grow, then had more children, made friends. When you come to our events, you’ll get to know us. And we’ll get to know you, which is really the point.

Our Ambassadors

In 2017, we created Scena Ambassadors. The aim was/is to identify people we think represent the best things about running. Our Ambassadors are charged to go out there and make our community more than the sum of its parts, which they were doing anyway. They have great stories, much bigger than just the running they do.

We proudly present our Scena Ambassadors for 2018:

Brian Casmey | Christine Chapon |  William DaiTodd Glieden |  Mark Hauber | Karen Hanke | Stan Jensen |
Drew Macomber | Penny MacPhail | Tracy PoolAshley Nelson |  Adrian Ramirez |
Heather Siewert | Wheeler Wagenet

As Tom Waits once said, “they all come from good families. But somewhere along the way, something happened that just ain’t right.”

The Christine Chapon Award

Each year in December, we present The Christine Chapon Award, otherwise known as The Frenchie. This award is meant to acknowledge athletes from our community who have distinguished themselves both through great running and through service to the broader community.

The award is named after Christine Chapon — and she hates it. But we think Christine represents the generosity of spirit we should all strive for. The Frenchie is meant to be for the rising stars.

In 2018, we proudly awarded The Frenchie to Penny MacPhail for all of she has done as a runner, for her service to our running community through Run 365 and for her commitment to fighting global hunger by raising money and awareness for OXFAM.

The Stan Jensen Award

In 2017, we introduced the Stan Jensen Award, also known as the Legend. As with the Frenchie, the Legend is meant to recognize a long record of service to the ultrarunning community. Before there was Google, there was Stan with his Run100’s website, providing a concise record of an, at that time, obscure sport. Add to that Stan’s experience as a runner and relentless support of races as a volunteer, aid captain, lottery organizer, and you have an amazing record to stand on that others might not notice.

In 2018, we awarded the first Legend Award to Stan Jensen himself, like Christine Chapon, he was reluctant. Finally, he said, “Ok, if it leads others to volunteer, I’ll do it.” Pretty much says it all.