Connect to new people and places. Test your limits. Have fun.

Experiences and Community

Scena Performance designs athletic experiences that challenge you in multiple sports. Whether you participate in a run, a ride, or a swim, our goal is to take you someplace new and beautiful, provide opportunities to connect with other athletes and the local community, celebrate your accomplishment with awesome local food.

Trail running is really the center of our universe. But Scena is about more than that. This year, we’re (re)launching Barb’s Tri, the women’s triathlon that benefits cancer patients. In 2017, we will have more, diverse sport experiences, too. Just watch!

Festivals and Travel: Come to Wine Country!

We proudly offer events in the heart of Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino that offer Californians and travellers from around the world the chance to combine athletics with travel. We are the only outdoor company to offer you the chance to visit all of these regions and get in new trails while you’re at it.

Making a Difference

Our commitment to connecting you to the world through sport has another important dimension. Most of our events support at least one non-profit organization. In 2017, Scena Performance generated over $50,000 for non-profit organizations, including Pacific Union College, the Leave A Mark Scholarship, The Drew Esquivel Scholarship, Learning is Open and the Sutter Institute for Health and Healing. And we’re just getting started.

Corporate Events and Employee Engagement

Physical activity is as powerful a gateway to group identity as it is to personal growth. The mindset necessary to challenge your limits is key to successful people and winning organizations. That’s why Scena Performance works with partners to bring this mindset to business. As part of Scena Media, we know how to engage a business’s people and brand through experiences and learning.