Yes, I know that I missed site D. No need to point it outS
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May 1, 2019 Here are the camp site and tent assignments for 2019. As in past years, we have organized things into a more quiet group of site (Scena Village) and one that may be more rowdy (Rhino Town.)

For anyone who finds this information hard to read, because you’re old like me, here’s a link to a Google Doc with the same info.

These assignments are subject to change.

Here are the cabins.

First NameLast NameTent numberCampNumber of Campers
OpenOpen1Rhino Town
VoodooSwitch2Rhino Town4
TracyPool3Rhino Town2
KeithSanders4Rhino Town
VanceRoget5Rhino Town
JeffPomrenke6Rhino Town
TravisParsons7Rhino Town
OpenOpen8Rhino Town
OpenOpen9Rhino Town
AndriaEguia10Rhino Town
ClayVan Batenburg11Scena Village2
ErinKaspar13Scena Village4
ShawneeJones14Scena Village3
KaraTeklinski15Scena Village
JessicaRoss16Scena Village
AngieWoolman17Scena Village
ChrissyChang18Scena Village
LoriWhittock19Scena Village
GinaHewlett20Scena Village
BeverleyAnderson-Abbs21Scena Village

Here are the campsites.

First NameLast NameSiteCampNumber of Campers
KatyPieri-McCaffreyATent Village5
FrederickNoackBTent Village1
AlexandraPhilippineETent Village2
SamGadeETent Village1
AmerElbandakBTent Village1
GregoryVerrilliCTent Village1
MarkHauberCTent Village2
GwenBeachamFTent Village3
CarrolMortensonG, H (upper camp)Tent Village9
ToddGleidenBTent Village1