Mendocino Running Festival takes place at the Mendocino Woodlands Camp, which is outside of Mendocino proper.

Our new Scena Camp offers more variety of accommodations and more robust common dining hall, which we are referring to as the Scena Commons. (scroll down for pictures! Click here if they don’t show up on this page for you.)

Scena Camp has 21 tent cabins, which are wood structures with canvas tops. Each tent cabin has 4 cots. These cabins have no electricity.

There is tent camping as well, in areas show below. These ‘sites’ are areas to setup camps and, in some cases, place a vehicle. They are not improved campsites.

All food storage, food prep, and campfires happen in our Scena Commons. Because of the improved Commons and dining area, Scena will be bringing more food for everyone, including breakfast cereals, drinks, milk, and Bellwether Farms yogurt.

There are 3 bathroom areas and one shower house that has 11 showers and hot/cold running water.

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