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10/11: Race report is up!

10/6: Preliminary results are up.

9/30: Got word on Friday that San Leandro Creek is suddenly running high. This is the area of the Bay Area Ridge Trail right past Chabot Staging Area Aid, in the area that goes underneath Redwood Road. This is a complete surprise since it was dry just a few days ago. After checking with our friends at EBMUD, it turns out that yes, they are releasing flow into the creek. This means there will be a small jog on Redwood Road of about 100 yards on race day.

Here are some pictures taken by Mark Tanaka. In one of them, you’ll see his pruning sheers, which he was using to clear the trail of poison oak. Thanks, Mark! (10/1 Update: Added Mark’s hand-drawn map of how the route will go on the road vs. where the trail goes.)

9/26: Thanks to Paul Farmer for his note about the Firetrails 50 Maps and Narrative. Seems like something got lost in one of my edits and the section from Lake Chabot to Big Bear and then onto the Stream Trail got cut out and the map number was wrong. Oops! That’s all corrected now, here. Also, Paul asked if runners need to get their own EBMUD passes for the race, and the answer is: No we’ve got you covered. But you’ll need one if you go out on your own this weekend.

9/24: A frequent question about the race is whether trekking poles are permitted. I have generally said ‘yes,’ but was a little uncertain of USATF policy for the Firetrails 50-mile (which is a P-USATF Grand Prix event). After consulting Jean Pommier, the answer is indeed ‘yes.’ Trekking poles are allowed. I’m adding the caveat that they are discouraged during the first 3 miles of the race though, when everyone is more closely gathered on single track heading up to the first aid station. Use your discretion.

Also, We’re getting close to race day! And that means that we start getting last-minute questions about your deferral policy. If you’re wondering about that, please check out our FAQ’s and Policies.

9/23: We’ve just wrapped up two weekends of training runs on different parts of the course. Thanks to everyone who joined us. I saw many of your faces out there, both as part of the ‘organized’ run and training on your own.

9/15: A few award updates. The 100k buckle will be slightly new this year. New in that it looks more old, that is. It’s a more burnished, antique buckle that you can see here. We have the designs for the new wine glasses, which you can see here. Also, we have new hats, which are for-sale but cheap, and in two styles (Heat Miser Orange and Cold Miser Grey) which you can see here and reserve here.

9/12: Two more small changes to Golden Hills Marathon. We will now be starting at the Chabot Space and Science Center. Also, all race parking will be at Cull Canyon, which is where you’ll catch the bus.

You can see new Golden Hills Marathon maps and turn-by-turns here, and new aid station splits here.

8/13: Course maps and aid station splits have been updated – and Golden Hills Marathon course info has been published. Click on Course in the navigation above.

8/6: EXCITING COURSE UPDATE! We have just gotten the thumbs up from the East Bay Regional Parks to add Willow View Trail to the course, in the area outside of Chabot Staging Area. This means we will be eliminating the much-maligned and actually quite dangerous Redwood Road section of the course for all races. Here’s a look at the old/new section. We’ll be revising all course info this week to reflect this change.

7/25: Packet pickup. We will be offering packet pickup at the Golden Squirrel (5940 College Avenue, Oakland) from 1-6 pm on Friday, October 4. There will also be bib pickup on race morning. (4 – 4:45 am for 100k, 5-6 am for 50-mile, 6:15 – 7 am for the marathon.)

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Dick Collins Firetrails Updates 2019

  1. Charles Savage

    Are runners allowed to use trekking poles in the
    Dick Collins Firetrails 50 ?
    Thanks and let me know

    • Adam Ray

      No we do not offer live tracking. Your pacer will need to have an approximate sense of your pacing. You can also have them meet you at any of the aid stations that accept crew to gauge your progress. See ‘aid stations’ under the Course tab of the website.


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