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August 20: Here’s the briefing from last night!

August 11: If you’re coming to Mendocino Running Festival as a guest and are spending the night, we ask that you register as a ‘non-running participant.’ This helps us track on everyone in the camp. You can find it as a registration option here.

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August 12: Camping is full! Email us to see if there’s someplace we can squeeze you in.

7/4: We are happy to announce that once again Voodoo Switch will be joining us at the Festival, playing an eclectic set of electronic and acoustic music.

7/2 Just a reminder when you’re planning your trip that Mendocino Woodlands Park has a strict no dog policy. The only exception is ADA-compliant guide dogs.

6/15 It’s time to open the tent camping reservations. We are going to just tent reservations by email. Send Email with a note about how many there are in your party. Camping is $20 per person per night. We will bill you directly.

Also, update on Covid restrictions: It seems like we’ll have basic health restrictions in keeping with the current CDC and State guidance for outdoor events. These shouldn’t be especially onerous. No sticking your tongue in other runners’ ears and things like that.