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TIMELESS NOTE: There is an entire blog thread from the November running, which includes a link to the race briefing. You can check that all out here.

4/18 Thank you for a great race everyone! Here are the pictures from the great Tracy Pool. Please tag @scenaperformance and #napaliscious #napavalleyendurancerun and PC Tracy Pool.

It’s Heidi Stewart on the Palisades!

4/15 Results will be live and posted on this site:

4/14 Here’s the link to the briefing from tonight!

4/14 Race briefing tonight on Zoom and Facebook. Here’s the link to Zoom. Here’s the link to Facebook.

Here’s also a Google Earth project that I use when I talk.

Get ready for a little rain everyone!

4/11 Thank you to everyone who came out and worked on the trail this weekend. From the Scena community this included some of the greatest runners of our age, Ryan Irish, Cindi, Robert, and Abraham. We were lucky to be working alongside volunteers from the Napa Open Space, led by Jason Jordan.

The ‘news’ to the trail work is that we managed to repair the slide on the Palisades — a washout about 5 yards long that really was difficult to work around when you’re running. It looks amazing, with a rock support wall below it.

Also we managed to clear underbrush between Oat Hill Mine and Highway 29.

Even before the work, I think the trail was in pretty good shape. Volunteers have been out in the last month or two. I can say that we started with better conditions than I found in November, that’s for sure.