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4/17/2021 Great run this weekend. I have to say — the Palisades Trail is ROUGH. Congratulations to everyone who joined me out there. See you in November!

4/15/2021 Looking forward to a small gathering of athletes this weekend up in Calistoga. About 8 people are coming. It should be warm. Can’t wait to see the smiling faces.

3/3/2021 Well, despite all our wishes and best intentions, it looks like Napa Valley is going to have to run at a later date this year. The Covid situation in Napa County just isn’t at a stage that we can permit the event.

So we have rescheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. This puts the race after fire season (knock on wood) but before it really gets to wet. It should be a blast and a great alternative for folks who don’t feel like doing the Quad Dipsea or other traditional Thanksgiving events.

As I have told the registered runners, there will be some additional hosted running days on the Palisades and a virtual option. “Virtual” isn’t be best word because we’re assuming you’ll run on the course, likely on one of the lightly supported days.

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