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(updated 4/20)

April 19, 2021, The word is coming back from the cities and parks where we run out events that there’s likely going to be some kind of vaccination or testing requirement for events. Right now the guidance is through June, which doesn’t affect us so much as it is mainly about the indoor kind. That said, my guess is that even in the Summer and Fall we will have some kind of requirement that comes with our permits to show that all adults have been vaccinated or tested within 72 hours.

Just to be clear though. The current guidance is for indoor events of up to 150. So I may be overreacting.

I’m going to let this play out a little bit before creating policies for each event. As of today, anyone who wants a vaccine can get one (in theory) and that will be even more realistic come Summer. Good home tests are just becoming an over-the-counter thing. So none of that seems impossible. And again, we have a lot of lead time to see how things go. Hopefully, everyone will get more healthy, not less.

No matter what happens, it seems likely that there will be some kind of public health requirement either with our permits or our event insurance. Whether it is or not, our event plan will ensure the safety of you and our volunteers. I’ll be as clear as possible about what this is and let you know I know the second I know it.

Watch this space.