Scena Performance presents classic endurance trail races and more. Our aim is to present you with a unique challenge and celebrate you with fun, food, and friends.

In 2024, Scena continues to focus on trailrunning and ultramarathons with a few new twists.

In February, we will have the fourth running of the Beer City Half in Santa Rosa, along the paths of the Creek Trail network. Beer City has become a full-fledged series with races and festivals in Alamda, Fremont, Orange County, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and San Jose.

On the trail/ultra side of things, in April, we’ll be back in Calistoga for the Napa Valley Endurance Run. This race is one of a kind. It’s very technical and challenging.

Then we’ll bring you home in August to the East Bay for Skyline Endurance Run which has really been coming along nicely with the addition of a half marathon. Then in September, we will have the 41st running of Dick Collins Firetrails, home of the Golden Hills Marathon, Firetrails 50mile and Bay Ridge 100k.

The year wraps up with the Santa Rosa Turkey Trot, which we launched at the drop of a hat in 2021 and the Bishop Ranch Turkey Trot, which followed in 2023. Looking forward to a few thousand people at each of these gatherings this year. It’s a real change of gears, and a total blast.

The Christine Chapon Award

Each year in December, we present The Christine Chapon Award, otherwise known as The Frenchie. This award is meant to acknowledge athletes from our community who have distinguished themselves both through great running and through service to the broader community.

The award is named after Christine Chapon — and she hates it. But we think Christine represents the generosity of spirit we should all strive for. The Frenchie is meant to be for the rising stars.

In 2023, we recognized Charlene Bayles and Fred Liebes for their immeasurable support to local events.

Past recipients of The Frenchie are Christine (of course), Penny McPhail, William Dai, Kelly Heston, Nancy Philippine, Jeanine Holmlund, George Manning, Norman La.

The Stan Jensen Award

In 2017, we introduced the Stan Jensen Award, also known as the Legend. As with the Frenchie, the Legend is meant to recognize a long record of service to the ultrarunning community. Before there was Google, there was Stan with his Run100’s website, providing a concise record of an, at that time, obscure sport. Add to that Stan’s experience as a runner and relentless support of races as a volunteer, aid captain, lottery organizer, and you have an amazing record to stand on that others might not notice.

In 2023, we awarded the Legend Award to Steve Jaber for reasons that are too long to list here but at the least, let’s say it was for his ongoing stewardship of Bay Area Ultra Runners.

Past recipients of The Legend are Stan, Bob Agassi, Mike Palmer, Tia Boddington, Dan O’Farrell, and Lisa Felder.