The Skyline Endurance Run Half Marathon is a point-to-point race that starts at the Chabot Space and Science Center and runs through Redwood Bowl in Redwood Regional Park. Chabot Space and Science Center off Skyline Boulevard. Click here for directions.

For those wanting a looped course, click here for an option.

Map 1

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The start is at the trailhead in the Space Center lot. Runners proceed down hill into Redwood Bowl.

  • Pass through Redwood Bowl, on the fire trail, staying left.
  • Stay left at the end of the Bowl onto West Ridge Trail.
  • Proceed to Chown Trail, bear left.
  • Bear hard right onto the French Trail. At this point, you are joining the 50k race.
  • Stay right at the intersection with Orchard Trail, proceeding up hill to the end of the trail
  • Bear hard left onto West Ridge Trail.
  • Bear right onto Toyon Trail. This is just at the top of the steep descent on West Ridge.
  • Follow Toyon downhill to it’s end, at Golden Spike Trail.
  • Bear hard right, down the hill to Redwood Road.
  • Cross Redwood Road and proceed on the trail to MacDonald Gate.

Enter the MacDonald Gate Aid Station.

Click on Map to see (and print!) bigger version.

  • Proceed on MacDonald Trail, up a steep hill that weaves to the left at the top of the hill and then back down. At the bottom of the hill, you’ll enter a parking lot for Bort Meadow.

Enter the Bort Meadow Aid Station. Leave the aid station by running through the parking lot and bearing hard right onto the service road.

  • At the bottom of the hill bear left into the lower Bort Meadow Parking Lot (unpaved).
  • Stay left along the border of the parking lot to Brandon Trail.
  • Proceed down Brandon Trail to Stone Bridge.
  • At the Stone Bridge, stay right up Jackson Grade to Clyde Woolridge Staging Area.

There is a water source at the top of the hill, in a spigot.

  • Stay left at the top of the hill on Golden Rod Trail.
  • Follow Golden Rod through Bass Cove, staying left at the small forks in the road.
  • Stay left at the Dam, passing across the paved path on the dam onto West Shore Trail.
  • Follow West Short to Chabot Marina.

You did it!